December 5, 2010

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Today, we did the reading of our stories we had been working on and practicing for six weeks. We had been assisted in these by Tess Green, one of the people who conducts this program in conjunction with the Goodman Theater. There was not as full an audience as we would have liked. I am pretty sure the snow of several inches kept some people who probably would have been there from coming.

A couple of people I knew came to hear me; a lady who is in the writing groups I belong to, and the son of our pastor. On Wednesday night, at Bible study, I mentioned that I would be doing this and he said he would come. He kept his word. It was good to see him. He did not stay for all of the program, but he was there to hear me.

The program was pretty long. There were 13 readers in our group and we were told to take no more than five minutes each. We read first. There was an intermission after our time was over and then two smaller groups from other senior centers shared their stories.

I was not timing them but one lady in our group said the first one of one of the other two groups took 25 minutes. She had an interesting story though, so I don’t think anyone really minded. She also had to sit while she told it and spoke slowly.

I had expected to be nervous and show it in my voice, as I said in my blog yesterday. I was not, however. None of us sounded nervous. The practicing we did must have helped a lot, especially the last one with the storyteller coach.

Goodman is giving us tickets to the last performance of A Christmas Carol on New Year’s Eve’s matinĂ©e since we did not get to see Candide. We will also be getting sent a book with all of our stories and photos in it, like we did for the first such performance. They will be longer, in some cases, than what was read, so I look forward to being able to read more of those stories.


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